Pieces of Artificial Nature

Pieces of Artificial Nature is the working title of my bachelor project which is about the use of sustainable textiles in the fashion field. It is supposed to remind us of how we need to preserve nature. We can make use of nature and process it in many ways we just have to be careful of how we do it. The project is inspired by the themes in the story “Only angels have wings” by Nikoline Liv Andersen (Danish designer and artist). The story is about a world where all nature has died because of human negligence. In hope of ensuring survival of the planet and in hope of reversing the evolution, a scientist therefore begins to fabricate artificial nature. I like Nikoline Liv Andersen dystopia because she expresses herself in an aesthetically very beautiful way. The focus she has on our abuse of nature has inspired me to contribute to help solve the problem and focus on a more sustainable future. The fibers and methods used for TENCEL® is an example of how the actual production takes the nature and environment into account, so we in good conscience can stay longer on the planet. I have primarily chosen to focus on the sustainable textile production from raw materials to final fabrics because I think this is where the change really matters in terms of sparing the environment and changing the image of the fashion industry. In addition to this I will emphasize the phase of consumption by providing the consumer with information on how to treat the final article of clothing in order to spare the garment and the environment as much as possible. I feel I have a certain aesthetic freedom as a designer if I make sure that the production phase is sustainable and that the consumer is informed so that the clothe is preserved in the best way and therefore has a longer lifetime. The project will culminate in a mini collection for women of 3-5 styles. Photos by Carsten Egevang.

project period November 2014 to February 2015
materials Lenzing Viscose ®, colours, Lenzing Modal ®, knit/woven, TENCEL ®, Fabric