Throughout his life take in our closets so-called "spirit shirts" a steady course and not only remain one season in our repertoire. Inspired by this peculiarity was my bachelor collection "SurroundSense". By supplementing of techniques of emotional styles, such as the expanded sense perception by means of touch and the individual message encryption by printed Braille, clothing gets a fourth dimension. This gives the wearer the chance to build an emotional attachment to this particular garment. Thus, the second-worst, polluting industry can stop and offer a sustainable alternative to be created. The entire reaction was carried out using only natural materials such as Tencel, SeaCell®, paper, bamboo, Willow- Flex, silk and cotton. Therefore, this collection of animals and the environment any further damage is and can the environment after use are returned. Also innovative procedures as programmed knitting patterns and 3D printing have been applied, creating a sustainable, sensitive fashion collection created that opposes the Fast Fashion movement with innovation and emotion.

project period March 2016 to August 2016
materials TENCEL ®

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