The New Age Fiber Artist Award

The participation in "The Next Fiber Artist" award is without any formality.

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- Once your project is approved, publish your images and project information from the social web (e.g. facebook, youtube, flickr) on this website.
- all projects with obvious progress and active coverage are taken from our team as a candidate for the award.

You only need to work on your project and keep us informed!


Camilla Wellton

The spirit of a design is expressed partly through its material. Therefore it is with great satisfaction that we employ our chosen organic materials. To create a beautiful garment in harmony with the land is a distinct type of happiness for us and we believe, also for the wearer The next project is to make an entire collection of eco-friendly materials. We want to use only the finest organic materials, and therefore we turn to you. It would also be of our interest to cooperate with you in a way where we can develop \"new\" fabrics of other textures and colors that you would not otherwise develop.

into the blue

wandelbar creates clothing meeting highly ecological, human ecological and social standards. The collection Ins Blaue (Into the Blue) has been developed by experimenting with sustainable fabrics in collaboration with traditional Austrian businesses like the Blaudruckerei Koó specialising in blue fabric print and the Textile Kultur Haslach. One of the main aspects of the collection is the use of biodegradable materials. Interlocking systems such as zippers are replaced by newly developed methods based on the interlooping of materials. A majority of the material for the collection is grey cloth, dyed with natural indigo. Other fabrics have been developed in cooperation with Textile Kultur Haslach in weaving experiments. This collection is an effort to bring tradition and design closer together, while counteracting a preconceived image of ecologial clothing.

Award Winner Ryota Shiga

The first „Lenzing Modal® and TENCEL® Design Contest“ Award goes to Ryota Shiga. Ryota Shiga was able to win the jury over at the Ethical Fashion Show in Paris with his odel. Together with Lenzing, the Ethical Fashion Show is celebrating the International Year of the Forest and organized a Lenzing Modal® and TENCEL® design competition. More than 60 designers, who produced ethnic clothing, developed their models from white fabric and ubmitted their creations to Lenzing. Ryota Shiga was voted the winner of the design competition from five final contestants. His collection was shown on the catwalk for the first time at the Ethical Fashion Show. His prize is one year promotional support from Lenzing.

Remixed Variety

I am studying at University of Applied Sciences in Mönchengladbach in Masterclass Design for Textile Products. Now, I am working on my final Master project, designing a womens collection based on sustainable design. The collection will be a remix out of reused/redesigned materials mixed with sustainable fabrics.

MAinfect`s collection spring/summer 2013 "Rust"

MAinfect develops young outfits for individual women and men in a way of distinct tendency. Sustainability is a major part of MAinfect’s products. It is taken into consideration from the very beginning and characterizes MAinfect’s collections from the first idea for a new garment, through the first sketches, the first design to the selection of the fabrics. Lets have a look at outfits made in Austria:


I won the competition of „Showfloor Berlin“ with my collection “Pro-visional, Esthetics Apart from Perfectionism“. It shows a fashionable interpretation for a way out of crisis. Now I am invited to show my collection on the Fashion Week Berlin. As Clara Kaesdorf stands for innovation and sustainability I decided to use TENCEL® and Lenzing Modal® as main fabrics to create a compfortable collection for everydays life including some showpieces.

ODROWAZ - share individualism

“L'amour est l'enfant de la liberté” (traditional french folk song) The fall/winter collection of ODROWAZ combines “plant-dyed in batik-technique cellulose jersey” with cool “high-tech natural materials made of Tencel fibres of Lenzing AG”, which are interweaved with wool fibres. Tencel is obtained from trees in a gentle process and has been honored with the European Environmental Award. Warm autumn fashion for him and her or to share, in the usual experimental geometric cuts. The plant-dyed jersey tops, pure silk- and linen scarves in soft natural yellow and rosé tints bear traces of leaves, which were included by hand coloring, and form a harmonious complement to the masculine-looking gray woven fabrics of capes, pants and sarongs.


"In touch with" serves as a platform for designers and is not managed by Lenzing. "In touch with" offers designers the opportunity to present their products made of Lenzing fibers. The content is designed by designers themselves, Lenzing is not responsible for the content. Every designer has the opportunity to participate in and win the award, which is awarded annually