by Ramirez Carlsen Sofia
Pieces of Artificial Nature  
Pieces of Artificial Nature is the working title of my bachelor project which is about the use of sustainable textiles in the fashion field. It is supposed to remind us of how we need to pre..

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by Stoica Renate
artwork surrounds face  
I am launching a new type of textile on the market: with my label "dadarena" i do large-format textile screen prints of whole or connected motifs. That means high recognition value and at th..

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by Reichl Bettina
ODROWAZ - share individualism  
“L'amour est l'enfant de la liberté” (traditional french folk song) The fall/winter collection of ODROWAZ combines “plant-dyed in batik-technique cellulose jersey” with cool “hig..

  Award Candidate
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by Bánóová Alica
The Stars Nebulas  
Hello, I study fourth year of Textile and Fashion Design at Technical University in Liberec in Czech republic. My project will be used as my bachelor thesis with name "The Stars Nebulas", w..

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Meekco Underwear

by Valerie Meek

Comfy Underwear

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consistency (shibori napkin + tablecloth)

by Dorothée Krings

Hello. I´m a textilestudent at Kunsthochschule Berlin Weißensee. This semester we are having a big project with students of productdesign together. We are working for a foodgalary ( Berlin Mitte, where 6 weeks from february on there will be dinners to the theme consistency. We ar...

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by Hanna Burkart

For my Diploma Project in Industrial Design i am working on a "walking Outfit", which consists of 4 different layers. The first layer which is in contact with the skin should be made out of Modal or Tencel. It should be supersoft and natural, breathable and waterabsorbing. For my prototype i am reqi...

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"In touch with" serves as a platform for designers and is not managed by Lenzing. "In touch with" offers designers the opportunity to present their products made of Lenzing fibers. The content is designed by designers themselves, Lenzing is not responsible for the content. Every designer has the opportunity to participate in and win the award, which is awarded annually